c0d3 Limited.

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c0d3 Limited offers consultancy in sofwtare development within Microsoft Technologies. The company is owned by me - Allan Andersen, and is a Virtual Company based in Hong Kong, China.

c0d3 Limited was founded in 2013 as an alternative to regular outsourcing companies, who typically need to maintain high overhead costs and employ cheaper (and less skilled) employees to maintain the price levels that are expected from offshore outsourcing companies. c0d3 is changing the equation by increasing spending on manpower and decreasing overhead costs by managing the outsourcing processes virtually.

c0d3 is as much a network of Business and Technology experts as it is a company. A network which can act with flexibility and speed and take on the most complex and innovative projects that the market has to offer.

c0d3 is an Offshore Development Center provider, offers world-class quality software development support to its clients. Through the talent of its people and its dependable methods and practices, c0d3 offers a guarantee of success in every project.

c0d3 adherence to excellence revolves around the needs of its clients. This has enabled c0d3  to keep long term relationships with those who have seen the benefits of working with the company. As a trusted partner, c0d3 lives and breathes transparency to make sure nothing escapes its efforts in giving more than what is expected – where not even the smallest detail is compromised in fulfilling delivery.

The main strength of c0d3 is its people. c0d3 believes that any development team is no stronger than its weakest link and it thus makes sure that all its people are among the best and the brightest that the country has to offer.  

c0d3 main focus is always on getting the client what he needs and when he needs it. This requires agility – the ability to change operations as the client’s demands and situations change. The method that is used for obtaining this is Scrum. The main thrust is on producing measurable deliverables of high quality so that the client knows exactly what he is getting and when to expect it. Transparency is the key in everything that is being done. The client should never sit back and wonder how his project is faring.

c0d3's high regard for the quality of what it produces is an assurance to its clients that each and every interaction is an experience of satisfaction.

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